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Doctor Speaks Out About “Womb Detoxification”

womb detox

Detoxification and natural remedies are, most of the time, fantastic options for staying healthy and fit. However, even some remedies which are all natural may be dangerous as well! One of those natural remedies that doctors say could be harmful to the health is that of “womb detoxification” products.

Many people may have never even heard of this type of a product, but the concept of detoxifying the womb is an up-and-coming trend which doctors are saying should be avoided.

A company in the United States, called Embrace Pangaea, claims that a woman’s body (in particular, the womb) is subject to toxicity and needs to be cleansed. To that end, the company sells small pods of herbs which are intended to be placed in the vagina in order to “return it to a balance state”.

The small, pearl-shaped, herbal bags contain various scented herbs such as Angelica, Borneol, Cnidium monnieri, Mothersworth, and Rhizoma. One “pearl” bag is intended for one day’s use, and costs around $15. Women who want to use them more regularly may subscribe to a Monthly Womb Maintenance Package for between $75 and $180. Customers are also encouraged to become distributors of the products in a bit of a pyramid scheme. The company, Embrace Pangea, also admits that they are offering a natural herbal alternative, but that they are “not medical professionals”.

So, if you’re wondering what an actual medical professional thinks, one doctor has offered it up. American gynecologist, Dr. Jen Gunter, is extremely concerned about this practice and wrote about it in a blog post. She says, “your uterus isn’t tire or depressed or dirty and your vagina has not misplaced its chakra”.

Dr. Gunter goes on to insist that your reproductive organs will tell you if something is wrong by producing symptoms such as bleeding, cramping, itching, or putting forth an odor. If these types of symptoms come about, it is necessary to see a doctor. In any other cases, a woman’s body will “clean” itself and the herbs that are offered by Embrace Pangea may actually cause harm by drying out or irritating the lining, or even worse causing a risk of infection.

Walk, Don’t Run, For Great Health!

Another company, Sacred Blood, offers a Womb Detox Kit for $250, claiming to “purge your disease” and help women to avoid the necessity of a hysterectomy. This company also claims that the kit can be used for “vaginal tightening after vaginal birth”, and various other vaginal problems such as bleeding, fibroids, ovarian cysts, polyps, dysmenorrhea, and other issues. However, while the owner of Sacred Blood, “Rhonda”, claims to be a physician, nurse, and technician educator, there is no proof of her qualifications or licensing –nor is there access to her last name.

In these cases, you are likely better off to listen to an actual doctor who is trained in women’s health, and avoid this idea of a cleansed womb. Instead, consider allowing the body’s natural process of monthly menstruation to cleanse womb for you, all on its own.


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