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22 Foods To Never Eat After A Workout

When you’re done sweating off those extra kilos or adding that muscle mass, you need a calorie-filled meal. There are many theories floating around, concerning the right type of meal after a workout. Too often, we get trapped into the conundrum of the idea post-workout meal. Here’s what you shouldn’t grab a bite of after a gym session!

1. Salad and kale

These two green vegetables are the poster child for nutritious value. Well, even perfect nutritious value has a time and place. Salad and kale are simply too rich in fiber to be able to help your organism. That fiber will cause bloating and cramping.

2. Candy

We’ve already covered the bad sides of pastry and chocolate. Well, candy falls into the same category. Basically, eating anything that causes energy spikes is bad and detrimental. Aside from that, candy contains no nutrients whatsoever. Think about it for a second.

3. Energy bars

Some people just get it all wrong. Energy bars aren’t a nutritious post-workout meal. They are mean to provide energy before working out. Just look at the size of them! How can it be possible to get a sufficient amount of protein just from that one bar?

4. Prune juice

Yes, this drink is very healthy and should be drunk as often as possible. However, one detail that you don’t need a lot is – it’s a laxative. Don’t fall to a temptation to drink it. You don’t need to go to the bathroom and lose valuable nutrients.

5. Black beans

It’ a shame that we don’t get to eat these incredibly healthy foods. Black beans are surely our biggest regret on this list. Despite their tastiness, black beans simply contain too much fiber. This is bad for digestive purposes.

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6. Raw veggies

Allow us to explain. Vegetables are indeed incredibly healthy on their own. But alone, they contain almost no calories at all. Because of this, they’re not recommended as a post-workout meal. Instead, use them as a side dish alongside some meat. You can also dip them in yogurt.

7. Fried foods

We know, we know, those friend wings that your wife makes must be delicious. But hear us out first. Ingesting fried foods with quickly kill your appetite due to the high amounts of fats. If you do eat fried foods, make sure it’s in small amounts. They contain way to much health to be eaten in excess.

8. Crisps

Eating crisps is a big no-no after a workout. Your body will crave salt due to the lost potassium while being active. You need to recover potassium quickly. Salty foods only lower it down, instead of causing them to rise up.

9. Pizza

It’s high in calories and tasty, so what’s the problem? The problem lies in the first part of the previous sentence. Everyone can eat a standard pizza that can contain up to 1500 calories. It won’t make you full, but it’s full of hard-digesting processed food. Pass.

10. Fizzy drinks

They are just the worst possible solution. Your body may crave something sweet after a workout, but fizzy drinks aren’t the solution. They will only cause more thirst and further deteriorate your dental health. If you want something sweet, try chocolate milk.

11. Chocolate

At first sight, chocolate may just be the ideal solution to your craving. But it’s not! It’s overabundant with calories and can cause many skin problems due to sugar in it. You need protein and chocolate simply doesn’t have enough to refuel you.

12. Pastries

What goes for chocolate, goes for pastries too. They are just too high in calories. What’s even worse is that they contain a high amount of fats. These bad fatty acids may clog your arteries and cause heart problems over time.

13. Energy drinks

Many popular energy drinks market their products alongside athletes and sport events. However, they aren’t made for that. It’s okay if you need to pull off an all-nighter with your exam papers, but after a workout – no! Simply not much nutrients nor health benefits. And who would want that much sugar?

14. Flaxseeds

Nobody is disputing their health benefits, but they just aren’t meant to be eaten after a workout. Since they’re too high in fiber, they may cause bloating. Some hours before or after a workout seems like the ideal time for eating this delicious type of seed.

15. Spicy foods

If you’ve ever worked out, you know the drill. Spicy food will disrupt the already chaotic state of the organism. By causing heartburn and indigestion, your nutrients won’t get absorbed as they should. If you’re looking for those gains, that may be a problem.

16. Avocados

Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are crucial to a well functioning organism. However, there are bigger fish to fry after completing a killer workout. You need something that’s high in calories and low in fats. Avocado simply doesn’t fit the bill.

17. Granola bars

Everyone is praising granola bars as some sort of healthy superfood. They’re full of unhealthy ingredients like sodium, corn syrup and other compounds. They have no nutritional level and won’t give you the macronutrients you need. Eat a piece of fruit if you want.

18. Cheese

We’re not generalizing here. Cheese is full of protein and very healthy. However, if you eat too much of it, you risk ingesting too much fatty acids. Find a healthier alternative, or just eat it in small amounts. A win-win situation for your taste buds and your gains.

19. Processed meats

While they may be tasty, nothing is unhealthier than processed foods. In order to fully harness the magic of the workout meal, opt for red meat or lean fish. There are many alternatives that are low in fat and sodium. You simply don’t need processed meat.

20. Heavy proteins

Meals such as stakes may be full of protein, but they’re not so beneficial. The reason is their size and a difficulty to digest them properly. Your esophagus will be too busy dissolving your food and your intestines won’t be able to absorb the protein so easily.

21.  Hamburgers

Yes, they do contain a lot of calories and protein. However, that doesn’t mean that they should be your go to meal in a time of need. Hamburgers and cheeseburgers are full of sodium, which will cause a further imbalance of electrolytes within your body. Try to avoid them.

22. Pasta

Although a good plate of spaghetti Bolognese seems like a dream meal, it’s not. Any form of pasta is filled with simple carbohydrates. They are difficult to digest and immediately slow down your metabolism. By eating pasta, you waste a perfectly good workout beforehand.


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