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Have You Ignored Any of These Diseases Caused by Microwave Ovens? Probably so!

An iconic appliance in most kitchens – great for toasting nuts or cooking single serving size dishes – is the microwave oven.

It all started when a magnetron – a special tube that produces microwave power – was created in World War II by two scientists. When combined with the radar system of Britain, this new invention was found to have the capacity to locate Nazi airplanes and even foil an attempted bombing.

However, it was also discovered a few years later that this appliance could do more than just locate planes – it could cook food. Percy LeBaron Spencer, a member of the military industrial complex known as Raytheon Company, uncovered this valuable piece of information after radar waves melted a candy bar he kept in his pocket.

Eventually, this new-found knowledge led to the creation of the Radar Range, the first microwave oven, which was produced in extremely large portions.

While you might not be that interested in how the cooking mechanism for your Ramen Noodles came about, it’s history is vital to understanding why so many researchers object against their use nowadays.

Just a mere 10 hertz of frequency could endanger your health, therefore, you should always steer clear of a microwave while it is on.

Confirmed by numerous studies, known side-effects of microwaves include birth defects, cataracts, weakened immune systems, and even cancer.

In addition to the health threat they pose, microwaves also show some negative effects on your food such as eliminating the nutrients from it, deforming and destroying the food molecules which leads to the creation of harmful radioactive compounds, increasing cholesterol levels, increasing leukocytes, and depriving it of its antibodies – among several other things.

Even though a microwave is a common household appliance, it still puts its users at risk of exposure to dangerous levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF), which enter the body and could lead to several severe health issues.

Undoubtedly, microwave ovens pose a great risk to your health with an exposure of 100 to 500 mG possibly with a distance of only 4 inches. To put that into perspective, the recommended maximum exposure is about .5 to 2.5 mG.

While there is no denying that microwave ovens are a fast and convenient way to cook your food, there is also no denying the serious threat they pose to the health of you and your family.

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